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We, at COGNITATE, are elated to announce the commencement of an online batch for Geography Optional. Here, in COGNITATE, we are providing classes on those optional subjects only, which are popular and there is an opinion that clearing Civil Services Examination with these optionals are easier. Geography is one of those Optional Subjects.

Reasons behind popularity of Geography as an Optional Subject:
1) The subject has a scientific approach towards the topics of it’s syllabus, which helps in developing conceptual understanding easily. This is also the reason behind the popularity of the subject among the aspirants from technical background.
2) Geography has it’s own style of answer writing, which requires to substantiate the answers with the use of diagrams and maps. This style of writing is easy to grasp. Result, the subject has proven to be scoring as well for the aspirants going with it.
3) Overlapping syllabus of Geography with General Studies, both in Prelims and in Mains, is another reason of it’s popularity.
4) The subject is also dynamic in nature and helps us understand number of natural phenomenon happening in and around us. Starting from cyclones to earthquakes to the measures of disaster management, are part of the Syllabus of Geography Optional. This dynamic nature is another reason behind the popularity of the subject.
5) The subject helps an aspirant to understanding the geographical structuring of a region, the advantages and disadvantages a region suffers froms. Resultant, formulation of policy, creating opportunities and facilities for the people, specific to a region, becomes easier as an administrator.

Class Starts From: January 2022
Faculty: Nilanjana Singha
Timing for the batch: to be announced later
Time required: 300 hours
Course Mode: Online

Fees: 30,000/- (including GST)

What is so special about Geography Optional with COGNITATE (Features)???

  1. Exhaustive coverage of syllabus – This course is uniquely structured in such a way that a student with zero background in Geography or even in any related subjects can understand it and by the end even master all the concepts in syllabus of UPSC Geography optional. Most of the work is done in class itself, to reduce burden on students in later stages of preparation.
  2. Integrated with answer writing – It is the trademark of COGNITATE to integrate answer writing from the very beginning to ensure whole preparation is exam oriented. This is happen with Geography as well. After completion of every topic, previous years questions would be discussed along with a few prospective questions. Aspirants are encouraged to write answers of these prospective questions.
  3. Integration of concepts with current affairs—Focus on dynamic aspects of Geography to ensure current developments are integrated within the class itself as far as possible.
  4. Special focus on use of diagrams, maps and examples which are the basis of good scores in Geography
  5. Small batch size for Individual attention – focus on strengths and weaknesses of each student is emphasized to make sure each of their efforts are directed sharply at clearing UPSC CSE.
  6. Nilanjana ma’am has an unique level of domain expertise, as she is not only an MSC in Geography from Calcutta University, but is also a faculty of Geography in a school. Additionally she has quite a few years of experience in the field of preparation for Civil Services Examination.

Class Starts From: January 2022

Faculty: Nilanjana Singha

Timing for the batch: to be announced later

Time required: 300 hours

Course Mode: Online

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Geography Optional
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