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We, at COGNITATE, are elated to announce the commencement of an online batch for History Optional. Here, in COGNITATE, we are providing classes on those optional subjects only, which are popular and there is an opinion that clearing Civil Services with these optional are easier. History is one of those Optional Subjects.

Reasons behind popularity of History as an Optional Subject:

  1. History optional also helps to develop better skills for essay writing especially in case of the topics which come within the domain of social sciences, be it sociology, political science or geo-politics. For example, if one is trying to write an essay on the theme of caste, one has to depend on both sociology and history and take into cognizance the interconnections between the two rather than treating them as two watertight compartments.
  2. Furthermore, History also helps to have a better understanding of geo-politics. For in order to comprehend the contemporary situations we need to have a clear idea of the happenings in the past as they are essentially connected. Only a proper understanding of the mutual connections between the past and the present can help us to develop a perspective regarding the happenings in the present for History is in fact the study of the living connection between the past and the present.
  3. History though might apparently seem to be merely the study of facts like dates of various events or the names of kings but in reality, it is the study of different concepts that aids the development of a better understanding of society, culture and politics both in the past and the present. As mentioned earlier it helps us to see through the connection between the past and present which is immensely important for the questions that come in the History Optional paper of UPSC are designed in such a way that they are linked to current affairs due to which mere narration of the facts of past will not suffice but rather one will need to link it with the contemporary situations.
  4. Overlapping syllabus of History with General Studies, both in Prelims and in Mains, is another reason of its popularity. One can optimise time by preparing for optional and GS papers.
  5. Lastly there is a common misconception that it is immensely difficult to score in the History Optional paper since it is primarily subjective in nature and also because it has a vast syllabus. However, despite the problem of there being an extensive syllabus, the History Optional is in fact quite manageable given the abundance of materials which are also easily accessible. Furthermore, the questions that come in UPSC are such that it is not entirely subjective. 50 marks are reserved for map pointing thus making it possible score well in the History Optional paper also.


Class Starts From: January 2022

Faculty: Sayari Bose & Kamalika Das Gupta

Timing for the batch: to be announced later

Time required: 350 Hours

Course Mode: Online

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Duration: 350 Hours
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History Optional
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