Political Science Optional

Political Science Optional

We, at COGNITATE, are elated to announce the commencement of an online batch for Political Science and International Relations (PSIR) Optional. Here, in COGNITATE, we are providing classes on those optional subjects only, which are popular and there is an opinion that clearing Civil Services Examination with these optionals are easier. PSIR is one of those Optional Subjects.

Reasons behind the popularity of PSIR as an Optional Subject:

1) The purpose of the UPSC examinations is to work in the bureaucracy of the Indian State, and it is by nature, a career that requires an involvement in the polity of the country. PSIR is uniquely able to capture that importance, and allow the student to have an idea of the political structure of the State and international relations, even before they have begun their careers, thus preparing them better for the same.
2) PSIR is extremely analytical and inter-disciplinary, and is for that reason, an extremely interesting Optional Paper. It allows the student to gain a critical and logical understanding of not only the subjects under the syllabus, but also of the events that they see occurring around them. This prepares them to better understand the events that may occur in the future of their careers and deal with them effectively and appropriately.
3) PSIR is extremely beneficial from the point of view of the Essay paper as well, as every year, at least one topic is found that finds its basis in the PSIR syllabus. Thus, studying PSIR as an Optional Paper allows cross-paper advantages to the student.

What is so special about Political Science and International Relations Optional with COGNITATE (Features)???

1) Comprehensive and holistic syllabus – This course covers all the wide-ranging topics under the various areas of Ancient and Modern Political Theory, Modern Indian Political Thought (covering concepts that flourished during the Indian independence movement), Indian politics, Comparative Politics, and International Relations. This integrated course will allow the student to not only gain a complete idea of the concepts necessary for the UPSC examinations but also enable them to become fluent in them for future utilization.
2) Expert advice – This course, syllabus, teaching method, and teaching materials have been built with constant guidance and advice from experts in the field who have been engaged in UPSC training for several years. This will allow the student to receive the best guidance possible to prepare them for the UPSC examinations, and ensure that no piece of important information has been excluded to their disadvantage.
3) Examination-focused answer-writing – The point of this course is to prepare the student holistically for their examinations. Thus, after the completion of each topic, they will be assisted in writing exam-oriented answers so they will be prepared for all the possible questions they may face in the examination. The tutors will also encourage that they read and understand the articles available in Current Affairs Review that have been authored by members of the faculty in order to comprehend how to best encapsulate an issue.
4) Focus on contemporary events – Political Science and International Relations are continuously evolving subjects that are dynamic to the day-to-day occurrences of the current global environment. COGNITATE understands that comprehensive preparation will require that students be made aware of the current events around them, domestically and internationally. The topics will be integrated with current events to ensure not only complete understanding, but to also help the student understand their contemporary relevance in general knowledge.
5) Small teacher : student ratio – The small batch size will allow the faculty to provide individual attention to all students so they are able to constantly clarify all their doubts as they arise, achieve clarity about the subject, and rest assured that their specific issues will be adequately solved.
6) Integration with General Studies – COGNITATE faculty doesn’t distinguish between Prelims and Mains, and will ensure that the overlaps between General Studies papers and Optional PSIR paper in terms of commonality of topics and themes will be adequately focused on, in order to allow the student to gain an intertextual knowledge of the same.

Class Starts From: January 2022

Faculty: Rajeshwari Dasgupta

Timing for the batch: to be announced later

Time required: 350 hours

Course Mode: Online

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Duration: 350 Hours


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Political Science Optional
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