Sociology Optional Free Practice Tests

Sociology optional test series

Writing answers in sociology, always requires some additional attention. This is more so because not only the subject has it’s own vocabulary but also because it requires mastery over the specific style required to fetch marks. Keeping this requirement in mind, we, at Cognitate, have created this free practice module, to provide qualitative support and assist the aspirants, having Sociology Optional, in developing the necessary answer writing skills.

Features of the test series:

  1. Questions from every single area of the syllabus.
  2. Tests on regular intervals.
  3. Video Discussion of the questions.
  4. PDF of Model Answers would be uploaded on completion  of video discussion.

Benefits of the test series:

  1. Wide ranging questions – questions from every topic of the syllabus would brought up for writing practice.
  2. Ensures regular writing practice – as the tests are conducted on regular basis, this ensures that a candidate remains in touch with the habit of writing on a regular basis.
  3. Video discussions ensure every angle of the topic is touched upon for prospective questions from the same topic.
  4. Model answers, along with the video discussions ensure that an aspirant not only understands the topic comprehensively but also masters the art of structuring the answers.

Here, we would be providing two questions to you after every 15 days (upcoming dates for test are 25th of February 2022, 11th of March 2022, 25th of March 2022, 8th of April 2022, 22nd of April 2022 and so on…).

You’ll be having 48hours to write the answers. After 48 hours, the model answers would be provided along with live discussion on the questions (on the upcoming Sunday). Discussion would take place on our website only. You can join the discussion for free, by loging in…

You are also encouraged to write the answers and send them to us within the stipulated period, to-

You are required, only to register, for free, to access this service.

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Topics :

Test 1 (21.01.2022)
Test 2 (11.02.2022)
Test 3 (25.02.2022)
150 mins
Test 4 (11.03.2022)
Test 5 (25.03.2022)
Test 6 (29.07.2022)
Test 7 (05.08.2022)
Test 8 (26.08.2022)
Test 9 (02.09.2022)
Test 10 (09.09.2022)
Test 11 (16.09.2022)
Test 12 (23.09.2022)
Test 13 (30.09.2022)
Test 14 (07.10.2022)
Test 15 (14.10.2022)
Test 16 (21.10.2022)
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Sociology Optional Free Practice Tests
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