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We, at COGNITATE, are elated to announce the commencement of an online batch for Sociology Optional. Here, in COGNITATE, we are providing classes on those optional subjects only, which are popular and there is an opinion that clearing Civil Services Examination with these optionals are easier. Sociology is one of those Optional Subjects.

Reasons behind popularity of Sociology as an Optional Subject:
1) Sociology, as an Optional Subject, has the smallest syllabus. The Subject is extremely dynamic and relatable even for those who are not coming from Sociology background. This combination of small and dynamic syllabus with relatability makes the subject one of the most preferred choice.
2) Sociology has it’s own writing style. In case of sociology, a candidate needs to substantiate the answers with real life examples if required. Supporting one’s view with the field work of established sociologists or their opinion along with occassional diagramatic representation can fetch excellent marks in Sociology. Today, Sociology is considered as one of the most scoring optional subjects.
3) Overlapping syllabus of Sociology with General Studies, especially the topics of Indian Society in GS Mains Paper 1 and Social Justice in GS Mains Paper 2, adds to the popularity of the subject.
4) The subject is extremely dynamic and analytical. Resultant, this subjects helps a candidate to be on toes, especially in respect to Current Affairs, which also helps in General Studies.
5) Sociology is also beneficial from the point of Essay Paper. Every year at least one topic in the essay paper, is choosen from the subject matters of Sociology.
6) Sociology, also helps a candidate in appreciating the local/regional values of the different region of India. Which helps one during his/her service life to communicate better with the ordinary citizens of the country, especially in understanding their problems and requirements.

Class Starts From: January 2022
Faculty: Amit Kumar Bose
Timing for the batch: to be announced later
Time required: 150 hours
Course Mode: Online

Fees: 30,000/- (including GST)

What is so special about Sociology Optional with COGNITATE (Features)???

  1. Exhaustive coverage of syllabus – This course is uniquely structured in such a way that a student with zero background in Sociology or even in any related subjects can understand it and by the end even master all the concepts in syllabus of UPSC Sociology optional. Most of the work is done in class itself, to reduce burden on students in later stages of preparation.
  2. Integrated with answer writing – It is the trademark of COGNITATE to integrate answer writing from the very beginning to ensure whole preparation is exam oriented. This is happen with Sociology as well. After completion of every topic, previous years questions would be discussed along with a few prospective questions. Aspirants are encouraged to write answers of these prospective questions.
  3. Integration of concepts with current affairs — Focus on dynamic aspects of Sociology to ensure current developments are integrated within the class itself as far as possible.
  4. Special focus on use of real life examples, various field studies and diagrams in answer writing.
  5. Small batch size for Individual attention – focus on strengths and weaknesses of each student is emphasized to make sure each of their efforts are directed sharply at clearing UPSC CSE.
  6. Amit Sir has an experience of Six years of teaching in the field of preparation for Civil Services Examination with Sociology Optional.
Class Starts From: January 2022Faculty: Amit Kumar BoseTiming for the batch: to be announced laterTime required: 150 hoursCourse Mode: Online
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Sociology Optional
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