Refund Policy

Effective Date: August 2021
Here, in Pragmatist Education Soutions LLP (“Pragmatist,” “Cognitate,” “Current Affairs Review,” “we,” or “us”) we would entertain your request for refund only under two specific circumstances.

(1) If after admission, we have attended less than 10% of the classes (in terms of hourly coverage), and you want to withdraw from the course given a bonafide reason, we would entertain your request for refund. However, the GST (@18%) would be deducted, and is non-refundable. Additionally, the charges for the classes attended, would also be proportionately deducted.

(2) At the time of admission, if a candidate avails installment facility and makes the doewn payment of Rs 25,000/- however, the remaining payment in the form of post-dated cheques fail to reach us before the classes start, the admission would be automatically cancelled and the amount would be refunded after deduction of the taxes (GST @18% on the total fees).

(3) WE also retain the right to cancel the admission of a candidate in case of bonafide complain of mis-behaviour of any untoward activity, warranting disciplinary action.

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